Borg Bb Clarinet w/ Case and Extra Barrel

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Borg Bb Clarinet w/ Case and Extra Barrel

Condition: Excellent

This clarinet comes with a softshell case (technically softshell, protective like a hardshell), all pieces for the clarinet, and an extra barrel. 

  • The two included Barrels are a US 440 and a shorter European 442
  • Bell, Two Stacks, Two Barrels, Mouthpiece, Ligature included
  • Borg Case included


PLEASE NOTE: Even in excellent condition, it's still important to note the following: The bell has some blemishes in the silver ring around the edge. Some pads seem very recently-replaced, some are far more worn. The mouthpiece is used, and definitely has signs to show for it, but no teeth marks (cleaning may help). The case's exterior has a couple spots where the leather is tearing a bit, and some dust caked in in some spots. The interior of case is fairly clean and the molds have little wear / erosion. Most, if not all, of these issues should be visible in photos.