Blackstar HT Stage 60 mkII 2 x 12" Combo Tube Guitar Amplifier w/ Footswitch

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Blackstar HT Stage 60 mkII 2 x 12" Combo Tube Guitar Amplifier w/ Footswitch

Condition: Excellent

Holy guacamole, this is a top tier sounding amp! This Blackstar HT Stage 60 mkII tube amp has great clean and overdrive channels. The 2 overdrive channels have awesome crunchy sounds with gain and volume control. The clean channel takes pedals very well and sounds pristine. There is an EQ set of controls for each channel, and a digital reverb and a master volume that effect both channels. The equalization controls includes a bass, middle and treble control and a Blackstar exclusive control called ISF which means infinite shape feature. This is essentially another tone control. It is equipped with 2 12" Celestion Seventy 80 speakers that sound phenomenal. On the back there are footswitch jacks (a Blackstar footswitch IS included), effects loop send and return jacks with a volume control button, emulated output jacks, and five speaker output jacks. There is also a button switch between light and dark sounding reverbs. This amp sounds great and would work very on stage or in the studio with its highly articulate EQ and wide range of tones and sounds.


  • 3 Channels (1 Clean & 2 Overdrives)
  • 2 x 12AX7, 2 x EL34, & 1x 12AU7 Tubes
  • Switch between 6w & 60w power to acheive breakup at lower volumes
  • Digital Reverb
  • Emulated Output
  • Effects Loop Send & Return
  • Blackstar's exclusive Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) knob
  • Clean Control Knobs: Volume, Bass & Treble
  • Overdrive Controls: Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, &  ISF
  • Master Controls: Reverb, Resonance, Presence, & Volume
  • Includes Blackstar Footswitch & Power Cable