ADA MC-1 MIDI Controller

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ADA MC-1 MIDI Controller

Condition: Good

The ADA MC-1 is a universally compatable MIDI controller that provides instant remote access to 128 MIDI programs in your keyboard, signal processor or preamp. It pairs very well with the ADA MP-1 preamp. There are some scratches and wear to the chassis on all sides from years of general use. Some of the screws are a little rusted as well. Power supply and MIDI cable are not included with this controller. 


  • Transmits MIDI program change on anyone of the 16 MIDI Channels
  • LED Readout displays program number or MIDI channel
  • Three software based program display modes: 1-128, 0-127, & octal
  • Works well with ADA MP-1, but is universally compatable
  • Power Supply & MIDI Cable NOT included