1932 Buescher True Tone LP 2 Trumpet w/ Original Case, Mouthpiece, & Mute

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1932 Buescher LP 2 Trumpet w/ Original Case, Mouthpiece, & Mute

Condition: Excellent

This 1932 Buescher LP 2 is pretty incredible to witness in person. The horn itself is in amazing shape for it's 89 year life (so far). All of the valves and slides function with ease, and it includes original accessories! These include the original case, "True Tone" 17 mouthpiece, & mute. The minimal wear that can be expected from an 89 year old horn is present, some very small dents and patina, but this trumpet is truly impressive in it's condition. The bell of the trumpet features some nice gold embellishment that still shines to this day! Valve caps have been replaced but 2 of the original 3 are included. Made in Elkhart, IN, USA! Serious players and collectors step up to the plate!