NEW Yamaha White Piaggero Portable Keyboard w/ SKD2 Survival Kit (Power, Sustain, Headphones, Etc.)

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NEW Yamaha White Piaggero Portable Keyboard w/ SKD2 Survival Kit (Power, Sustain, Headphones, Etc.)

Brand New from Authorized Yamaha Dealer

The compact, elegant silhouette of Yamaha's Piaggero NP Series is certain to catch your eye and make a lasting impression. Featuring a simple, practical design with only a few buttons and 76 keys, these space-saving stylish instruments can be played right out of the box. 

From the first note, Piaggero will amaze you with its compact size and the high-quality voices it features, from the beautiful, rich tones sampled from one of Yamaha’s finest concert grand pianos, to a sweet electric piano and other great-sounding voices that are fun to play. The Record button offers you easy one-touch recording of your practice sessions, performances, or original compositions so you can listen back yourself or share with friends and family.

The Piaggero NP-32 features a “Graded Soft Touch keyboard” with keys in the bass register having a heavier feel while the high notes are lighter. It's amazingly natural and expressive, and you can take it anywhere to play.

Yamaha offers a range of apps such as Digital Piano Controller and Metronome for use with the Piaggero series. You can easily connect an iOS device to the USB TO HOST terminal on your Piaggero instrument.

This is a great choice of keyboard for beginners and long time players alike. This keyboard is espcially useful for those who want to take it on the go! It does include Yamaha's SKD2 Survival kit which has a power supply, sustain pedal, headphones, online lessons, warranties and rebate offers (stand not included).

This is quite a bundle for a great price!


  • 76 Keys
  • Music Holder
  • Piano-style keyboard, Graded Soft Touch
  • Can Record up to 7,000 notes
  • 10 Voices (Piano1, Piano2, E.Piano1, E.Piano2, Organ1, Organ2, Strings, Vibes, Harpsi1, Harpsi2)
  • Metronome Built In
  • Can be powered by 6 AA batteries
  • Includes Yamaha's SKD2 Survival Kit (Power Supply, Sustain Pedal, Headphones, Online Lessons, Rebate Offers, Etc.)