Vintage Unlabled Victorian Era Violin with Case

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This vintage unlabled violin is quite the interesting find.  We're calling it the Starflower Fiddle.

First, the case appears to be quite old, but it is in fairly good shape. it does have a section that needs to be reglued, and the fancy twirled cord in the top needs to be tack-glued, but the latches and hinges all line up and function, and the case is sturdy enough for light local travel and transport.

  • The violin itself is unlabeled, but we believe it to be of late 19th Century make.
  • The tailpiece is a new plastic one with 4 fine tuners.
  • The chin rest appears to be an older Bakelite one.
  • A second line of purfling appears to have been added sometime after the original construction.
  • The star/flower on the back is purfling also, possibly done my an apprentice, which would explain the lack of a label or signature.
  • Three of the tuning pegs have a MOP dot in the center, while one has a rhinestone.